Let's make a website 2.jpg


Ready to do this?




Item 1: Website

Here's what will go down: I will build you a kickass website with eCommerce fully built in. You will provide all of the photos and I will integrate them into a website with the following pages:


Home / Shop /  About  / Blog / Podcast




Social Integration

All of your social media profiles will be linked up and easy to find. Gottta build the brand!



Lightning Fast

The images will be small (I'm a beast at image compression). Everything will look slick, but by compressing the images I'll make sure pages load as fast as possible. This is key for an eCommerce site.


Printful integration

I will integrate all of the products into theprintful so that you can easily manage orders. I'll also train you on how to use the eCommerce app, place orders, and manage product.


Website cost: $1500


  • full website build
  • all products/photos added to the website
  • writing and storytelling for all webpages, with special attention on About
  • printful Account setup + training
  • lookbook page

Does NOT include:

  • domain cost (approx 15/year)
  • squarespace fees (approx 30/month)

Prices are based on the packages we looked at at our meeting. I can help you find the best deals for this, but these are fees you have to pay straight to squarespace.



Item 2: Lookbook


Lookbook / dope clothing graphics

I will do a small photoshoot of some of your coolest items and make a page exclusively devoted to showing off fresh threads. This will be built on a brand new page called "2018 Lookbook." You can update this whenever you'd like. Bigger brands do each quarter, but twice a year would probably do well for you. Here are some examples of fun clothing graphics I've made. 

New haircut vibez.jpg

Where will you see the photos?

These images will be showcased on the lookbook tab. I'll build this page to show off all of the product in true, epic, Kid Jumper form. They will also be perfect for social media graphics, and we'll use them for the thumbnails on the product pages.

heart hat.jpg

Hype branding

The design on these images will look super professional, just like above. This will let you have the feel of a big brand, even though you're operating on a small budget. 


I use film emulators to make all of my photos look like they were shot on film. Or better yet, my wife and I will use our actual 35MM film cameras to get some truly epic photography. All of the photos above were shot on 35MM film.

Lookbook Cost: $750

  • includes 50 photos
  • a full styled shoot
  • graphic design on 5-10 images (perfect to use on social media, too)
  • full webpage build on the website. 



Item 3: Ongoing web maintenance

I will make any updates you need to text and photos. I will add new products to the printful and to the website whenever you come up with them. This way you don't have to worry about your website, you can just text me and I'll keep things looking fresh for ya.

Cost: $200/month for the first year